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Conflict of Interest Statement

For Authors:

All manuscripts for articles, original technical reports, reviews and editorials that are submitted to journals must be accompanied by a conflict of interest disclosure statement or a declaration by the authors that they do not have any conflicts of interest.

To facilitate this policy, all authors must privately disclose ‘All their potential conflicts of interest’ to the editors of the journals at the time of submission. These include all financial and non-financial interests and relationships, direct employment with a private sector entity (whether full or part-time), and service on private sector and non-profit boards and advisory panels, whether paid or unpaid. Authors should also disclose any conflict of interest that may have affected either the conduct or the presentation of the research, including academic interests and rivalries.

In submitting the article, the authors must include a draft statement that discloses all relevant conflicts of interest and affiliations. The relevance of financial conflicts of interest with private firms is defined as a relationship of any value with a firm that has a stake in the subject of the manuscript or its competitors. Relevance for patents is defined as any invention or pending invention connected in any way to the subject.

What to report:

Any financial relationship from the past three years (dating from the month of submission) of any size, should be disclosed. These potential conflicts of interest include:

  • Direct employment, either full-time or part-time
  • Grants and research funding (but not grants to our institution or others within your institution, on which you have not worked). These include substantial grants from trade associations and non-profit (50% or more) or funded by private sector firms
  • Consultancies
  • Travel grants, speaking fees, writing fees, and other honoraria
  • Patents granted and pending applications, irrespective of whether they are generating royalties or not
  • Stock ownership and investment in the related “sector” funds or stock options, including those of immediate family members, but excluding diversified mutual funds and investment trusts Membership of private sector, scientific or other advisory Boards, whether paid or unpaid
In addition, any current negotiations regarding future employment or current job offers, either full-time or part-time, must be disclosed.

How do I Make a Declaration?

If you are submitting your manuscript for publishing in Advanced Experimental Mechanics that requires you to make a ‘Declaration of Conflicting Interests’, please include such a declaration in the copyright transfer agreement form, under the heading ‘Conflict of Interest Statement’.

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Last Updated Feb.22, 2022