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The Japanese Society for Experimental Mechanics (JSEM)

About JSEM

Name:The Japanese Society for Experimental Mechanics (JSEM)
Foundation:January 1, 2001
(The predecessor of JSEM is the Japan Society for Photoelasticity established in January 1, 1979.)
Number of members: Regular member: 296, Student member: 49 (May 31, 2018)

Objectives of JSEM

See "Objectives of JSEM"

Meeting and Conference

See "event page (in Japanese)"

  • Annual Meeting
    Annual meeting for domestic researchers is held in summer season in every year. General meeting of JSEM is held in this meeting.

  • International Symposium
    The International Symposium on Advanced Scienece and Technology in Experimental Mechanics (ISEM) is held in every year.

    ISEM Sapporo 2006, 2nd ISEM'07-OSAKA, 3th ISEM'08-Tainan, 4th ISEM'09-NIIGATA,
    5th ISEM'10-Kyoto, 6th ISEM'11-Sendai/Kansai, 7th ISEM'12-Taipei(ISEM-ACEM-SEM-7th ISEM'12-Taipei),
    8th ISEM'13-Sendai, 9th ISEM'14-New Delhi, 10th ISEM'15-Matsue, 11th ISEM'16-Ho Chi Minh, 12th ISEM'17-Kanazawa

  • Workshop
    Joint workshop of JSEM divisions is held in every year. Almost workshops were held in hot-spring area.
  • Publications

  • Journal of the Japanese Society for Experimental Mechanics
    Four regular issues in Japanese or English are published in every year.
    Table of contents is here.
    The full texts of all PDF papers are available by downloading at J-STAGE 3 months after pulibication.

  • Advanced Experimental Mechanics (AEM)
    Advanced Experimental Mechanics is an English journal published by the Japanese Society for Experimental Mechanics that publishes papers annually (End of August) in all areas of experimentation including its theoretical and computational analysis. Download of full text PDFs of all papers except the last six months is available from J-STAGE.

    Call for Papers for Advanced Experimental Mechanics to be published by the Japanese Society for Experimental Mechanics(JSEM).

  • Handbook and Other Publications
    See "Publications page (in Japanese)"
  • Technical Divisions (Special Interest Groups)

    See "Technical Divisions page (in Japanese)"
    • Optical Method
    • Impact Engineering
    • Applications of Image Processing
    • Biomechanics
    • Flow Visualization
    • Infrared Thermography Measurement and Evaluation
    • Multidisciplinary Research
    • Fluid Functionalization
    • Machine Flow
    • Industry Applications of Experimental Technology
    • Environmental Engineering
    • Energy and Power Systems
    • Rehabilitation Engineering for Physical Disabilities
    • Materials Processing and Engineering
    • Human Body Damage Evaluation
    • Nano-Scale Materials Evaluation Technologies
    • Mechanics of Time-Dependent Materials
    • Measurement Technology in Civil Engineering
    • Scale-modeling

    Industry and Academia Collaboration Support Center

    See "Center's page (in Japanese)"

    Statement of Privacy Policy

    See "Statement of Privacy Policy"

    Affiliated Organisations


    Secretariat of the Japanese Society for Experimental Mechanics
    TEL:+81- 25-227-0963 ,+81- 25-368-9310 , FAX:+81- 25-368-9309
    E-mail: office-jsem【@】

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