We are soliciting papers involving constitutive, time (rate)-dependent behavior of all materials. The time-dependent mechanical response should be non-negligible in cases involving non-mechanical fields.
Papers dealing with modeling and experimental aspects of the subject area are sought. Possible topics include, but are not limited to: characterization and modeling of behavior at multiple scales; viscoelasticity, viscoplasticity; transport, chemically and electronically active processes; multiphase and biomaterial systems; thermodynamics; shape memory; mechanics of testing; micro/nanoindentation on time-dependent materials; dynamic rate-dependent behaviors; large deformations; residual stresses; time (rate)-dependent damage and failure; time (rate)-dependent polycrystalline, single crystal and nanocrystalline behaviors; multifunctional materials; mechanics of processing; design methods; environmental interactions; experimental methods and techniques; linear and non-linear time-dependent behavior; time (rate)-dependent composite materials of all types; numerical analysis; physical aging; rheological properties; temperature, pressure, and moisture effects on time dependence; damping; related topics.