We are pleased to announce the winners for the Outstanding Presentation Awards of IWAEMf23.
The award winners are listed below:

Awards to Outstanding Oral Presentations by Students and Young Researchers

  • Kenshin KOJIKA (Meiji University), Shun HATTORI, and Shuichi ARIKAWA
    Identification Method of Crack Tip Position of Dissimilar Material Interface using Displacement Data by DIC

  • Riku FUNAKI (Tohoku University), Tomoaki SATOMI, and Hiroshi TAKAHASHI
    Evaluation of Relationship Between Force Information Acting on Sludge Removal Mechanism and Liquid Index of Sludge

  • Ryohei SUZUKI (Tohoku University), Xiaodong LIU, Tomoaki SATOMI, and Hiroshi TAKAHASHI
    Effect of Clay Content on Force Information in Blade Excavation

  • Dingsi SUN (Aoyama Gakuin University), Keisuke IIZUKA, and Satoru YONEYAMA
    Identifying Viscoelastic Constitutive Parameters Using the Stress Sensitivity Based Virtual Fields Method

  • ChaoChun CHANG (University of Tsukuba) and Hideaki MONJI
    Optical Inner Diameter Measurement for Micro Flowrate Meter

  • Shogo ZUSHI (Tottori University), Yuichi ONO, and Ryosuke NISHI
    Effect of Heat Treatment Conditions on Torsional Properties of SKD61 Friction Welded Joints

  • Kaichun CHANG (University of Tsukuba) and Hideaki MONJI
    Decision Model for the Final Sprint Phase in Bicycle Racing by Numerical Simulation and Wind Tunnel Experiment Verification

  • Dai NAKAI (Kyoto Institute of Technology) and Yohsuke TANAKA
    Proximity Recognition of Approaching Droplet Holograms Using Image Recognition Models

  • Nadezhda MOROZOVA (Niigata University), Kazuma SHIBANO, Yuma SHIMAMOTO, and Tetsuya SUZUKI
    Comparison of the X-ray CT Images for Segmentation Accuracy in 2D and 3D for Concrete Damage Assessment

  • Yudai JINMOTO (Kyoto Institute of Technology), Hiroki TANAKA, Yoshitaka ISODA, and Yohsuke TANAKA
    Visualization on the Effect of an End Plate Added to a Wing in a Periodic Flow

  • Shinnosuke YAGUCHI (University of Toyama), Kengo KATO, Hirokazu KONISHI, and Hideki ONO
    Kinetic Analysis on Reduction Rate of Sintered Fe2O3-CaO-SiO2-Al2O3 Tablets with H2-CO Gas at the Softening and Melting Temperature

  • Siyan ZHU (University of Fukui), Shunsuke HIBINO, and Motoharu FUJIGAKI
    Development of a High Speed Three-Dimensional Measurement Device Using Cylindrical Lens Array

  • Tomoya KAGOTANI (Okayama University of Science), Ichiro SHIMIZU, Shunpei UEDA, and Akira WADA
    Evaluation of In-Plane Bending Behavior in Thin Plate Cell Structure of AZ31 Magnesium Alloy for Application to Stent

Award to Outstanding Poster Presentations on General Poster Session by Students and Young Researchers

  • Hayato YOSHIDA (Meiji University) and Shuichi ARIKAWA
    Effect of Practical Random Patterns on Measurement Accuracy in Digital Image Correlation Method

Awards to Outstanding Poster Presentations on the Special Poster Session by Students of College of Technology

Best Poster Presentation Awards
  • Toshiaki UTE (Kobe City College of Technology), Hiroto IKUSHIMA, and Shugo MIYAKE
    Strength Characteristics of Aluminium Thin-Strip Joints Bonded by Al/Ni Multilayer Powder Exothermic Reactions

  • Utaka KAGAWA (National Institute of Technology, Kisarazu College), Masaki HIRANO, Shota NAGAI, Ryo FUJISAKI, Yuta YAMAMOTO, Hajime IZUMI, and Tadateru ISHIDE
    Development of an Innovative Air Vehicle Based on a Flight of a Bird

Excellent Poster Presentation Awards
  • Ryosuke NAKANISHI (Osaka Metropolitan University College of Technology) and Kimihiko SUGIURA
    Influence of Catalyst Ink I/C Ratio on Electrode Application for PEFC by Spray Coating Method

  • Hayato SATA (Kindai University Technical College), Naoya HASEGAWA, Makoto TERASHITA, and Hiotaka SUZUKI
    Development, Improvement and Verification Results of Boiler Inspection Robot for Incinerators

Encouragement Poster Presentation Awards
  • Riku KISHINO (Kindai University Technical College) and Katsuya KUGAI
    Effect of Caudal Fin Structure on Swimming Ability of Bluefin Tuna

  • Sentaro HAGINO (Kindai University Technical College) and Katsuya KUGAI
    Development of an Arc Sensor That Can Avoid False Detection Due to Disturbance

  • Junsei UEDA (Osaka Metropolitan University College of Technology), Kanta MATSUMOTO, Kimihiko SUGIURA, Nobuaki HANAI, and Osamu OKADA
    Examination of Compactness and Cost Reduction of CO2 Facilitated Transport Membranes

  • Rin HIRAHARA (Kindai University Technical College), Naoya HASEGAWA, and Yoshihiko TAKAHASHI
    A Study on Emotion Estimation for Communication Robots

  • Hiroto IKUSHIMA (Kobe City College of Technology), Toshiaki UTE, Kenji TANIMOTO, and Shugo MIYAKE
    Heat Generation Characteristics of Al/Ni Multilayer Materials Using Porous Ni Plating

  • Masao ODA (Kindai University Technical College), Naoya HASEGAWA, and Yoshihiko TAKAHASHI
    Research on Communication Robots with Outputs Tailored to Human Emotions

  • Kengo TAKAMORI (Kindai University Technical College) and Naoya HASEGAWA
    System That Feeds Back the Tactile Sensations Obtained by the Hand Robot to the Dataglove

Congratulations to the Oral and Poster Presentation Award Winners!

International Workshop on Advanced Experimental Mechanics for Students and Young Researchers 2023 (IWAEMf23)

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