We are pleased to announce the winners for the Outstanding Presentation Awards of IWAEMf22.
The award winners are listed below:

Awards to Outstanding Oral Presentations by Students and Young Researchers

  • Masaki ENDO (Tokyo Institute of Technology), Asahi TAKAYAMA, Hideharu TAKAHASHI,
    and Hiroshi YAMAURA
    gFundamental Study on Soil Weight Estimation in Scooping by Wheel Loaderh
  • Dai NAKAI (Kyoto Institute of Technology) and Yohsuke TANAKA
    gEffect of Depth-Position Displacement of Approaching Microdroplet Pairs on Holographic Patternsh
  • Phan Thanh KIET (Tohoku University), Xiaodong LIU, Tomoaki SATOMI, and Hiroshi TAKAHASHI
    gDevelopment of Ground Strength Estimation by Penetration of Free Fall Cone with Accelerometerh
  • Daiki TOBITA (University of Tsukuba), Hideaki MONJI, Susumu YAMASHITA, Naoki HOIGUCHI,
    Hiroyuki YOSHIDA, and Takanori SUGAWARA
    gVibration of Rod by Impinging Jet in Axial Directionh
    gIn-Situ DIC Monitoring Method for Measuring Material Properties in Resin Solidification Process of Injection Molded GF/PPSh
  • Nadezhda MOROZOVA (Niigata University), Kazuma SHIBANO, Yuma SHIMAMOTO, and Tetsuya SUZUKI
    gInfluence of the Pre-Existing Defects on the Strain Distribution in Concrete Core by the AE and DICM Techniquesh
  • Hikaru HAYASHI (University of Toyama), Kengo KATO, Shintaro ISSHIKI, Hirokazu KONISHI,
    and Hideki ONO
    gKinetic Analysis on Reduction Rate of Fe1-yO Sintered Pellet with H2-CO Gas Mixture at 1093 and 1273 Kh
  • Norain ABDULLAH (Kindai University), Daisuke MIYAZAKI, Ei YAMAMOTO, Kosuke UEKI,
    and Masaaki NAKAI
    gBone Formation Pattern After Titanium Alloy Implantation in Rabbit Femur During Early Stage of Healingh

Award to Outstanding Poster Presentations on General Poster Session by Students and Young Researchers

  • Taiki HAGIWARA (Niigata University), Yuma SHIMAMOTO, Tetsuya SUZUKI, Yukio ABE,
    and Takeo HARADA
    gEvaluation of Bending Characteristics in Corroded Steel Sheet Pile due to Different Thickness by Acoustic Emission with DIC Methodh

Awards to Outstanding Poster Presentations on the Special Poster Session by Students of High School, Technical College, and College of Technology

CASIO Awards (Best Poster Presentation Awards)

  • Yuka SETO (International College of Technology, Kanazawa) and Tetsuya KOMA
    gPrototyping a Heating/Cooling Type Hair Curling Iron to Reduce Damage to Hairh
  • Shogo YORITOMI (Osaka Metropolitan University College of Technology) and Kimihiko SUGIURA
    gMolten Salt Gasification Characteristics of Various Organic Waste Fuels for HF-DCFCh
  • Sho KUTOSE (Kobe City College of Technology), Ryota KITO, Yoshitaka AZUMA, and Takeshi MIYAMOTO
    gCutting Mechanism of Turn Milling Applicability and Vibration Characteristics of Variable End Millsh

Excellent Poster Presentation Awards

  • Utaka KAGAWA (National Institute of Technology, Kisarazu College), Taichiro ARAI, Masaki HIRANO,
    Hajime IZUMI, and Tadateru ISHIDE
    gDevelopment of a Small Bird-Like High-Performance Flying Roboth
  • Atsuhiro UENO (Osaka Metropolitan University College of Technology), Kimihiko SUGIURA,
    Tadayuki KAMIMURA, and Yoshihumi SUEHIRO
    gProposal of Jet Control Method by Elucidating Inclined Impact Jet Characteristics on Local Air Conditioning Systemh
  • Ren NAITO (Kindai University Technical College), Naoto HAGINO, and Koichi ARAGA
    gA Study of Surge Occurring in Low Flow Rate Centrifugal Compressorh

Encouragement Poster Presentation Awards

  • Koki MIWA (National Institute of Technology, Miyakonojo College), Ren TOSHIKAWA,
    and Hiroyuki SHIRAIWA
    gStudy on Heat Transfer Characteristics of Condensation Section of Rectangular Thermosyphonh
  • Hiroto IKUSHIMA (Kobe City College of Technology), Kenji TANIMOTO, and Shugo MIYAKE
    gStudy of Self-Propagating Exothermic Reaction of Porous Ni Platingh
  • Ryota IRIFUNE (Kindai University Technical College), Kaito SANADA, Riku KISHINO,
    and Katsuya KUGAI
    gDevelopment of a Tuna Robot Capable of Tail Oscillation at High Frequenciesh
  • Yusuke YOSHII (Kindai University Technical College) and Koichi ARAGA
    gAnalytical Study on Drag Reduction of Electric Bicycles for Competitionh
  • Wataru EDAMOTO (National Institute of Technology, Miyakonojo College), Shogo TANIGUCHI,
    and Hiroyuki SHIRAIWA
    gRupture of a Liquid Bridge Between Horizontal Parallel Platesh
  • Yuki USHIRODA (Kindai University Technical College) and Naoya HASEGAWA
    gResearch on Sounds and Childrenfs Responses for a Communication Robot that Incorporates Human Emotions in its Controlh
  • Kenta UMEMOTO (Kindai University Technical College) and Naoya HASEGAWA
    gResearch on Communication Robots that Incorporate Human Emotions in Their Controlh
  • Rin HIRAHARA (Kindai University Technical College) and Naoya HASEGAWA
    gA Study on the Influence of a Communication Robot that Incorporates Human Emotions into its Control on Humans Using a Soap Bubble Roboth
  • Shuma NISHIMORI (Osaka Metropolitan University College of Technology) and Kimihiko SUGIURA
    gExamination of SWMC Applying Method by Spray Coating Method for PEFCh
  • Shinji YAMAMOTO (Kindai University Technical College), Ryota KUSUMOTO, Sentaro HAGINO,
    and Katsuya KUGAI
    gMethod of Avoiding False Detection of Arc Sensors in Short-Circuit Transitionh

Congratulations to the Oral and Poster Presentation Award Winners!

International Workshop on Advanced Experimental Mechanics for Students and Young Researchers 2022 (IWAEMf22)

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