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The Symposium will take place at "Kunibiki Messe" (Shimane Prefectural Convention Center), which is located in downtown of Matsue City. It takes about 7 minutes on foot from JR Matsue station to "Kunibiki Messe" Further information regarding the venue for the meeting can be accessed at: http://www.kunibikimesse.jp/14.html.

Details: Venue / Access Map

Scope and Topics

Background and Aims

The Japanese Society for Experimental Mechanics (JSEM) was founded in 2001 by reorganizing the former Japan Society for Photoelasticity to extend its covering area of Experimental Mechanics not only to Solid Mechanics but also to various areas of Applied Mechanics such as Fluid Mechanics, Thermal Engineering, Medical Engineering, Biomechanics, Construction and Civil Engineering and so on. The first Symposium was successfully held in Sapporo, Japan (2006) to attain its main purpose of the new establishment. The Symposium was subsequently held in Osaka, Japan (2007), Tainan, Taiwan (2008), Niigata, Japan (2009), Kyoto, Japan (2010), Sendai/Kansai, Japan (2011), Taipei, Taiwan (2012), Sendai, Japan (2013) and New Delhi, India (2014).
The present Symposium aims to promote an exchange of recent and advanced information among scientists and engineers in the wide field of Experimental Mechanics with special focus on Environmental, Medical and Welfare Engineering. The Symposium is also aimed particularly at promoting communication and collaboration between fundamental researchers and those engaged in the development of practical technology in respective areas of Experimental Mechanics. This Symposium title was updated to The International Symposium on Advanced Science and Technology in Experimental Mechanics since the 5th ISEM'10-Kyoto, because the areas covered in the Symposium have been expanded as mentioned above.


We welcome papers in the following areas:

(I) Fundamentals
(1) Fluid Dynamics
(2) Multiphase Flow
(3) Thermodynamics
(4) Heat and Mass Transfer
(5) Solid Mechanics / Strength of Materials
(6) Material Engineering
(7) Bioengineering
(8) Civil Engineering
(9) Sound and Vibration
(10) Instrumentation and Testing
(11) Visualization and Image Processing, and others

(II) Applications
(1) Fluid Machinery
(2) Fluid Flow in Micro- and Nano-scales
(3) Environmental Science and Engineering
(4) Advanced Energy and Power Systems
(5) Combustion Technology
(6) Medical and Welfare Engineering
(7) Biomechanics and Biomaterials
(8) Material Processing
(9) Materials Testing and Fracture Mechanics Evaluation
(10) Non-destructive Testing and Inspection
(11) Optical Methods, Thermal Methods and X-ray Techniques
(12) Transducer and Sensor Design
(13) Safety Engineering, Risk Analysis and Reliability Methods
(14) Smart Materials and Structural Health Monitoring
(15) MEMS and NEMS
(16) Recycling
(17) Electronic Packaging
(18) Engineering Education, and others


Registration by all participants, including invited speakers is mandatory. Please complete the registration form (see the Symposium website), following the instruction given below.

Registration Fee
Regular Fee:
JPY 40,000 (before September 18, 2015)
JPY 50,000 (after September 19, 2015)
Student Fee:
JPY 10,000 (before September 18, 2015)
JPY 15,000 (after September 19, 2015)

The regular fee covers Symposium attendance, a volume of program and abstracts, a piece of CD-ROM proceedings, reception, banquet, excursion and refreshments during coffee breaks. Note that the student fee does not cover either banquet or excursion, but registered accompany persons will be invited to Symposium events.

Technical Exhibition

The Symposium will make plans to exhibit current technologies for instrumentation, diagnosis and products developed by companies, corporations and universities.

Special Poster Session

The Symposium will make plan to have poster session of presentation by students of high school and college of technology.

Social Event

Excursion and Banquet
The banquet will be held in Matsue Vogel Park following on an excursion in Nov. 3rd. afternoon.
Excursion : Matsue Castle, Izumo Grand Shrine and Shimane Museum of Ancient Izumo
Banquet : Matsue Vogel Park (Traditional Japanese performance art: Iwami Kagura)

Details: Social-Event-2.pdf (PDF)


We recommend several hotels near the Symposium place "Kunibiki Messe" (Shimane Prefectural Convention Center) and near JR Matsue station.

Details: Accommodation-5.pdf (PDF)


First Announcement and Call for Papers (PDF) (Revised on Jan. 22th)


Organized by:
The Japanese Society for Experimental Mechanics (JSEM)
Supporting Organizations:
Asian Society of Experimental Mechanics
The Society for Experimental Mechanics, Inc. (USA)
The British Society for Strain Measurement (UK)
The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers
The Japanese Society for Multiphase Flow
The Visualization Society of Japan
Heat Transfer Society of Japan
The Iron and Steel Institute of Japan
The Japan Institute of Metals and Materials
The Japanese Society for Non-destructive Inspection
The Japan Society for Design Engineering
The Japanese Society for Medical and Biological Engineering
The Japanese Society for Clinical Biomechanics
The Japanese Society for Terramechanics (Japan)

Supporting Companies:
Chuden Engineering Consultants Co., Ltd.
Dantec Dynamics K.K.
Denki Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Kishi Engineering Co., Ltd.

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The 10th International Symposium on Advanced Science and Technology in Experimental Mechanics (10th ISEM '15-Matsue)